Terms & Conditions

The prices indicated in our rates are given for information only and become final only at the time of booking. They include VAT at the rate fixed by the regulations in force for the transport services (VAT rate currently in force: 10%), driver service, fuel and unlimited insurance people transported.

Any toll booths, parking fees and meals are to be borne by the persons transported.

Baggage is accepted up to a maximum of 22 kg per person on board and remains the responsibility of that person.

At the completion of the transport service a transport sheet will be given to you.

Payment methods which are accepted: cash, cheque, credit card (Visa, American Express).

All transport services must be paid at its termination. If the transported person is an "account customer" (Company customers who have signed a service agreement with CITY-BUS), the service can be paid on invoice reception (at the end of the month), payable according to the terms negotiated with CITY-BUS.

All claims must be made within 8 days of the delivery service.

Any dispute may be settled in the Courts of the registered office of CITY-BUS.